Making the World a Better Place

Service to our Community

Each fall and spring, Loveland Girl Scouts hosts service projects. In past years, these have included food drives for the L.I.F.E. Food Pantry, a river clean up day, volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries, and donating cookies to Meals on Wheels.

Brownie troop 44326 also donated handmade cards for the recipients.

Brownie troop 44326 donated 100 boxes of cookies to Clermont County Meals on Wheels.

River Cleanup


Loveland Girl Scouts also hosts the kids craft area at the Loveland Art Fair and marches in the Memorial Day and 4th of July Parades.

Take Action Projects

Troops may complete Journeys over the course of their scouting year. At the end of each Journey, girls are called to take action on a service project that will be both effective and sustainable. Individual troops work together to plan, design, and implement a Take Action Project within their community. Here are just a few examples of Take Action Projects Loveland Girl Scouts have completed in recent years.

On March 22nd Loveland Troop 42882 took their Gift of Caring collection of cookies to Loveland Healthcare.

A beautiful afternoon with some wonderful people/patients at this Loveland nursing and rehab center!

There were over 30 patients there to welcome us as we shared a little about ourselves & played bingo! We gave away about 10 no sew scarves that the girls made as part of their ‘It’s my planet, Love it!’ journey.

The troop starting with the Girl Scout Promise. There were over 5 former GS in the group who joined us with their three fingers up and saying the promise with us. Beautiful.

For the last 6 months the girls have learned about energy, ways to conserve it & how the LIS/LMS buildings managed energy trends for the last 10 years.

For this last step in their journey, they thought that the patients wearing scarves would help them create and conserve heat to naturally warm their fragile bodies. The patients enjoyed the scarves. However, most importantly they LOVED having them visit and invited us back next month. We will go back on Tuesday, April 23rd to play bingo and visit with these lovely people. It was a joy!!

Liliana Johnson & Kate Cremer share cookies

Tom was one of our first bingo winners. We were told he barely smiles, but he had a huge smile upon receiving this Reds scarf from Caitlyn Ferrer!

Raigan Pack is posing in a picture with Don Stanley owner of Don’s Depot. Don invited our troop to visit his depot once he is home fully recovered from a heart surgery.

This is a woman named “Lill” Lane wearing the Reds scarf. She is quite famous around Loveland.

This is Helen Cox who was a Loveland GS troop leader for over 7 years starting around 1977.

Brownie Troop 44325 had a passion for animals and worked with the Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) to provide blankets for the fostered and shelter animals at the SAAP facility in Kentucky. For their first Take Action Project, this dedicated group of 2nd graders spent some of their earned cookie money to buy materials, and worked together over a period of three months to plan, build and deliver 26 pet beds to SAAP. In the process they gained a better understanding of the work SAAP does to help pets in need of safe, loving homes.